Seniors Look Forward to Great Year


Tiana Hunter, Staff Writer

A new school year means a new group of seniors. Students of the Class of 2022 have just begun their final year at JICHS.

Many seniors are excited to be returning to school while others are ready to move on to bigger things.

Here is what some seniors have to say about this school year and their futures after high school.

What are your plans after high school?
¨I would like to go to college for engineering¨- Grace Harvey
¨I would like to go to college to get a career as a pediatric nurse¨. -Leondra Chavis
¨I want to attend Motorcycle Mechanic Institute in Orlando FL¨ – Anthony Simmons
¨I wanna go to college at trident and go choose a trade of some sort¨ – Aiden Decker
¨I would like to go to college for marketing and communications¨- Cameron Smith

How are you feelings about this upcoming school year?
¨I am excited because it’s my senior year.” – Grace Harvey
¨I can’t wait for June so I can graduate and leave high school.¨ -Leondra Chavis
¨I feel like it’s going to be a good school year because it’s my senior year and that’s very exciting.” – Anthony Simmons
¨For this upcoming school year I am ready to get it out of the way and get out of high school.” – Aiden Decker
¨I’m feeling good about this school year especially since it’s my last year.” – Cameron Smith

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from high school so far?
¨Find friends who will accept you for who you are and be yourself.¨ – Grace Harvey
¨The most important thing I’ve learned from high school is to stay away from boys and that not everyone is your friend.¨ -Leondra Chavis
¨I’ve learned that everybody’s not your friend and be yourself.¨ – Anthony Simmons
¨The most important thing I learned from high school is things from my finance class teaching me about stocks and how to save my money.¨ – Aiden Decker
¨The most important thing I’ve learned is having good grades is gonna get you into a good college and far in life.¨ – Cameron Smith

What’s some advice you would give to an up coming freshman?
¨Stay focused in school but not so focused that you don’t have time for friends and family.¨- Grace Harvey
¨Please do your work and pay attention. Also take classes that you need and not unnecessary classes.¨ -Leondra Chavis
¨Some advice I would give to an upcoming freshman is to be yourself and don’t care what anybody says.¨- Anthony Simmons
¨Upcoming freshman should do their homework, pay attention in class and turn things in on time.¨ – Aiden Decker
¨Highschool isn’t hard unless you make it hard.¨ – Cameron Smith

What’s your favorite thing about high school?
¨Meeting new people and trying out new things. ¨-Grace Harvey
¨My Favorite thing about high school is seeing all of my friends.¨ -Leondra Chavis
¨My favorite thing about high school is that I get to my friends everyday and see the pretty girls walk the halls.¨ – Anthony Simmons
¨My favorite thing about high school is seeing my friends at lunch.¨ – Aiden Decker
¨My favorite thing is the pep rallies and high school sports.¨ – Cameron Smith