Premier League Predictions


Levn Masindet, Staff Writer

It’s the best time of the year, the start of the Premier League season.

Overall, this upcoming premier league season is looking to be quite competitive. This is because there have been plenty of new signings, newly promoted teams, and many interchanges of managers.

With players like Romelu Lukaku moving to Chelsea, Jack Grealish moving to Man city, Ronaldo moving to Man United, and manager Nuno Santos moving to Tottenham, I must say, I am excited to see how this season pans out.

For now, I will assess all of these new adaptations of the EPL this season and predict every single place from 20th to 1st this season.

Starting off with the bottom three from lowest to highest, I think that Norwich, Watford and Newcastle will be at the bottom.

Norwich and Watford just got promoted but just don’t seem like they have enough manpower to stay up in the premier league for another season. Newcastle seem to have a very toxic ownership and to be honest, a relegation may help them get a new identity that is much needed.

In 17th place, I’m going for Brentford. I think that they have the right management and right mentality to stay up, with players like Ivan Toney having a possibility of providing a breakout season. For 16th, I’ve got Brighton, for 15th I’ve got Burnley, and 14th I’ve got Wolves.

In 13th, I’m predicting Crystal Palace. They’ve got a promising squad, and a new promising management in Patrick Viera according to Premier They’ll be looking to improve their game from last season.

For the 12th, 11th, 10th, and 9th places, I’m predicting Leeds, Southampton, Everton, and Aston Villa. With the loss of Jack Grealish, I believe that Villa will fare just fine with their management they currently have.

Moving on to the top 8, I’m starting off with Arsenal in 8th, and Tottenham in 7th, with West Ham placing over both of them in 6th. Both Arsenal and Tottenham both had very underwhelming seasons, with Tottenham placing in the new Europa conference league and Arsenal not even qualifying for a European spot last season.

Fifth place will go to Leicester, who have had 2 underwhelming seasons in a row, losing out on top 4 at the end of each season.

Fourth place will be Liverpool. After their injuries, I don’t think that there is a way back for them. I think that their players are getting old and their prime is long gone.

Third place goes to Manchester City, with Manchester United topping them in second. Manchester United really bolstered their squad this summer, signing the legend himself Cristiano Ronaldo. To me, it seems like their squad has gotten to the level Manchester City has, but City will still provide a challenge.

First place goes to Chelsea. I firmly believe that since Chelsea signed Lukaku, their squad is fully complete. His play style matches what they’ve needed in the past season.

With players like Mendy, Rudiger, and Kante, Chelsea are also going to have a very strong defence as well. And with Lukaku signing for them, I think that they will be devastating to play against and mesmerizing to watch.

Sophomore Daniel Busby, a member of the JICHS Varsity Soccer team, offered his thoughts about the upcoming season. Daniel said, “I think Chelsea will win this season. Lukaku will strengthen their squad and make them become the best team in the league.”