The Fall of Kabul Means A Fall in Support

Harry Burgess, Staff Writer

Every president has his controversy, Regan had the Contras, Obama had his drones, and Adams had the Alien and Sedition acts. Biden was bound to have his, but nobody thought he would emulate Nixon.

The fall of Afghanistan is not the most shocking thing that has occurred over the past two years.

The United States is known for leaving in catastrophe. Whether it’s a bad evacuation, such as Saigon in 1975 and Syria in 2019, or a “big bang” to end a war like with the atomic bomb or the March to the Sea, the U.S. tends to abandon unstable countries in a state of chaos.

One question hanging over the country’s head is: “How will this affect Biden’s future?”

To find out what public opinion might be, I asked some local students what they thought about America’s departure from Afghanistan.

The students I interviewed, who will remain anonymous, indicated that they didn’t like Biden from the start, mostly due to his age and a sense that he couldn’t lead the country. This is a sentiment heard on the campaign trail and after the election from conservatives.

Recently many people have developed a more negative view of Biden. One student told me that “My opinion has shifted to worrying that he is bad for the country and will destroy it.”

Nobody I spoke to said that they believed the withdrawal was good. They also said that they now have a worse view of Biden after the pull out.

One of the most famous parts of Trump’s presidency was the catastrophic pull of US troops from Syria, yet despite this some think that he would have been better than Biden at the withdrawal.

A third of the people I asked said he would have been better than Biden, yet still most had no faith that the former president would have been much better.

The broad idea was that Trump and Biden would be equally bad. Everyone agreed that Biden was bad at the pull out, but thoughts on Trump are extremely mixed.

The Biden administration has been controversial since the beginning and will continue to be until its end, but the fall of Afghanistan will go down as a blot on his record for the rest of time.

Important as well is that the opinions of the students at this school will influence how so many vote in the 2024 election. If this remains fresh in people’s minds, in three years, Biden will have a steep hill to climb.