Classroom Debate: Yondr Pouches


Henry Hudgins, Staff Writer

In my sophomore year of high school, I started to notice the use of Yondr pouches and the reign of dread it produced around the school.

Many students who were introduced to Yondr pouches had the conflicting feeling that they could be missing important notifications, and thought that funding could be more useful elsewhere.

On the other hand, some students in the past and the present do not feel the need to be connected to their devices during class.

Personally, I think that Yondr pouches are an ineffective nuisance that could cause possible imperilment, is a waste of money, and puts students in the dark.

Each Yondr pouch costs between $15 and $30. When the school purchases one per student in most classrooms around the school, the costs add up to something that could be better spent. Many students have complained about the conditions of the bathrooms and the lack of spirit around the school.

In my opinion, we should put the funding more towards sports teams that do not get as much funding as others such as the tennis, track, and swim teams, as well as put some of the funding towards more school activities like pep rallies. There would be a significant increase in school spirit, which is what we really need.

Have you ever been away from your phone for a while and felt anxious? Felt like you could be missing something important? These are common feelings and thoughts of most students who have to use Yondr pouches, including myself.

Having a student’s link to the outside world being locked away is hazardous and generates thoughts of uneasiness. When someone‚Äôs item is held captive, they can be distracted by the thought of it and be worried about missing something like an email, phone call, text from a parent, or any other notification.

The reasoning behind Yondr pouches is to lock away students’ devices so they can focus on class, but it just creates stress and worries about missing something. Together we can make a change and permanently expel Yondr pouches from JICHS.