Welcome Back to School!


Welcome back Trojans! Whether you are a new student or returning, we are happy to see you!

You may not be too excited about homework and tests, but you can look forward to pep rallies, theater productions, sports, and clubs. Head over to football games, tennis matches, swim meets, cross country meets, volleyball games, and golf matches this fall!

This 2021-2022 school year is a great opportunity to work hard and be more involved in school. There’s nothing wrong with a little JI pride! This year is a new start, and calls for a new mindset.

Remember to be responsible in and out of school. Your actions have consequences, and your future is dependent on your high school, and for some of you, soon to be college careers.

Freshmen: This year is a new era with new experiences. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. High school is a strange world, but it’s worth it and you will make memories you will never forget. This is not a time to slack off, however. How you act this year determines how you will do the rest of high school.

Sophomores: School will be getting harder. You may be surprised to find the workload to be more and the classes more fast paced. Don’t get discouraged! Part of high school is learning your potential, and you can accomplish things you never thought you could.

Juniors: This is the time to challenge yourself. Junior year is the year to take harder classes and do your best! Try an honors or AP class if you can.

Seniors: everyone says this is the year to relax, but you can make this year count! Try a new club or sport.

This year could be the best you’ve ever had. Start it off right!

Bella Wallen and Lucy Dixon

This year we have a website, https://jichsodyssey.com/ and an instagram account, @odysseyjichs.