Campus Controversy: Senior Lunch


Katie Cannon, Staff Writer

As senior year comes around, students are held to higher standards and greater responsibilities, given there is one year separating them from childhood into adulthood. That being said, privileges and special treatment should be given to said seniors, as a reward for their 4 years of hard work.

A controversial question stands on whether or not seniors should be allowed to leave the campus for lunch. In the past, seniors here at James Island Charter have had privileges such as seating in the senior courtyard, senior parade, showing out at the pep rallies, being able to leave for lunch, etc.

Due to extenuating circumstances, most if not all of these senior prerogatives have been withdrawn; the senior courtyard no longer exists due to construction, Covid has dampened the livelihood of the senior parade/pep rallies, and they are no longer permitted to leave for lunch.

The likeness of these festivities being revived this year are slim, however, being allowed to leave for lunch should be put back on the table. At one time this was allowed, however, due to liability reasons, it was revoked. The school was concerned about accidents and people getting hurt while under their care and supervision. This could lead to possible lawsuits and the school being sued.

Believe it or not, there is actually a very practical solution to this problem. If James Island were to construct a waiver that says something along the lines of “I give my child permission to participate in off campus lunch. I hereby understand that the school is not responsible or liable for any off campus damage or accident that may occur while my child is at lunch.” That would erase the possibility of the school getting in trouble for this activity.

Another problem that was had with off campus lunch was kids cutting and not coming back for class. This is an issue that potentially could recur, however, that being said, the entire senior class should not have to suffer due to the actions of some. The minority should be punished rather than the majority; if one were to skip/cut class after lunch, their privilege to leave should be revoked.

Allowing seniors to be able to leave for lunch is a very reasonable request. If waivers are produced and rules are followed, it should not be a problem. Also due to the lack of normal senior privileges, this would be a nice way to make up for the accommodations that are no longer available.