Come Roll with the CREW

Bella Wallen, Staff Writer

Starting in fall 2021, James Island Charter High School will begin to hold JI Crew every Wednesday. (For those of you who remember Advisory, the two are very similar).

JI Crew’s purpose is “to promote a cohesive school environment while cultivating personal relationships between learners and educators that will support Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), cultural responsiveness, and serve as a tier-one intervention to keep students engaged,” according to Assistant Principal Mr. Temoney.

JI Crew will take place once a week between second period and ILT (Independent Learning Time) and will last 45 minutes, lasting from 11:15 to 12:00.

The objective of this course is to integrate a curriculum “that includes team building, academic check-ins, goal setting, SEL, service-learning projects, school spirit, and supports all three of our Charter Goals.”

This time will also strengthen the mindsets of students involving their current state and future state.

Some of the essential tools that will be used in JI CREW involve Jostens Renaissance, Restorative Practice, Capturing Kids Hearts, and JI Authentic Activities.

The Josten’s Product that will be used as a keystone of the CREW curriculum is Josten’s Leadership Curriculum.

A major focus of the Josten’s curriculum is to lift school morale. Restorative Practices include strengthening relationships between individuals at the school, as well as becoming more involved within the community. This will help both students and teachers make respectable decisions as well as create a safe environment.

Affective Language consists of “verbal and nonverbal communication that encourages individuals to be open and honest, nonjudgmental, empathetic, and present when communicating with others, whether in informal conversations, formal conferences, or in circles.”

This incorporates “I” statements, empathetic listening, and affective questions. These three elements will improve communications between kids, teachers, and parents at JICHS.

Hopefully, these techniques will improve the relationships in the classroom, school spirit, and create a positive and safe learning environment.

The motto of JI Crew is “We are crew, not passengers.” The metaphor of a long voyage that involves everyone pulling their oar, playing their part in moving forward. Striving for responsibility, participation, and cooperation shows “commitment to inclusion and action in the service of self and others.”