Students Return to Five Day School Weeks


Santasia Alston, Staff Writer

Many JICHS students recently returned to an in-person, five-day school schedule after Gov. Henry McMaster signed a law requiring S.C. schools offer full-time in-person learning.

This also means that all JI students are also going to have to adjust to our new schedule now that Wednesdays are no longer shortened.

Some students think that it is not much of a good idea.
“I honestly think that it’s stupid because what’s the point to go in for five days when it’s not going to change anything,” said senior, Tayorious Rouse.

But then again one senior, Omari Jenkins said, “I think it’s awesome. It gives students the ability to get that class room time like old times.”

“Personally I think it’s a little stupid because depending on COVID they’re putting more people at risk the more they let people come in,” says a junior, Sidney Klau.

“I think it’s annoying, to change our schedule in the fourth quarter after having to adjust our whole year is insensitive,” said senior Maggie Gardner.

It all depends on how you look at the situation. I believe that it’s somewhat too late in the year to start trying to go back five days a week when we have already gone the whole year doing hybrid and having half-day Wednesdays.