UBASA Holds its Tie-Tying Ceremony


Jaden Scott, Staff Writer

The United Brothers and Sisters Association had a tie-tying ceremony for all brothers who completed 80 percent of the community service on Wednesday, April 21.

Those who qualified received a tie at the ceremony.
Many of the UBASA alumni who went to James Island came back and helped the brothers tie their ties.

Mr. John Calhoun, former James Island Trojan, made a pledge for all the young men who were heading to graduate. He also gave a speech on how to carry yourself in the future and to never forget the brotherhood the young men built through the association.

After the speech, UBASA advisor Ms. Johnson gave out awards for the men who were soon to be graduating. Awards were given to members for dedication to the association and for the highest GPA.

Ms. Johnson then gave out the most important award of the night, the W.E.B. Du Bois award. The award was presented to our newest football coach, Mr. Jamar McKoy.

Coach McKoy was honored for his willingness to help anyone in need and thanked for everything he has done for the school in the short time he has been here.