The Cruelty-Free Movement’s Major Comeback

The Cruelty-Free Movements Major Comeback

Izabella Alvarez, Staff Writer

The Cruelty-Free Movement is a movement that has been around for decades with a focus on ending animal testing. This movement’s main goal is to get animal testing banned globally, and have major companies create cruelty-free products.

This movement has made a major comeback after the director of The Greatest Showman, Spencer Susser, released a short film titled Save Ralph on TikTok.

This film is in the form of a mockumentary and follows a rabbit named Ralph whose job is working in a laboratory that tests cosmetics on animals.

Racking up an astounding 22.3 million views, this is the first campaign launched by the Humane Society International that has received such immense global reception and caused a strong impact.

Teenagers and young adults all over the internet have been changing their profile pictures to Ralph, reposting the video, and tweeting about what brands not to support.

All of these little actions have caused a positive effect on people all over the world and have inspired people to research the cruelty-free movement and find out what really goes on behind the scenes in animal-testing labs.

People are starting to recognize just how badly animals are treated in these labs, understanding that these scientists aren’t using the products on animals but injecting them with harsh chemicals.

This realization has caused people to start switching over to cruelty-free brands, which is easier than one may think.

Below is information on cruelty-free brands and the link to the Save Ralph short film.

Save Ralph directed by Spencer Susser:
List of Companies that are Cruelty-Free: