Police in Minnesota Murder Young Black Man


Source: @impact on Instagram

Bella Wallen, Staff Writer

On April 11, Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old black man, was shot dead in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

He was pulled over that day for an expired license plate, but was asked to step out of the car when officers saw air fresheners hanging from the rearview mirror, which is illegal in the state of Minnesota.

Wright stepped out of the car, was put in handcuffs, but was not “compliant” with the officers, which led now resigned officer, Kim Potter, to shoot him with her gun.

Potter said she thought she was pulling out her taser, in which she yelled “taser” three times before Wright was fatally shot.

The next morning, Potter resigned. The death of Daunte Wright sparked many peaceful protests all over the country.

These events all took place during the trial of Derek Chauvin, the ex-officer that killed George Floyd in Minneapolis last May, who was found guilty of murder and manslaughter charges on April 20.

Both of these deaths had one thing in common: The officers who killed these two black men used unnecessary force.

More locally, a peaceful protest took place in downtown Charleston, on Sunday, April 18, in response to the murder.

Protesters were told to wear masks, to not cover the street, and to socially distance, and all who attended the protest complied.

To contrast this statement, police arrived at the protest, maskless, standing in the street, and very close to the protesters. Similar experiences have taken place all over the country on numerous occasions.

Government officers, such as police and SWAT, have gone against their own rulings, furthering the argument that these officers are using unnecessary force.

Over the past year, thousands of peaceful protesters have been arrested. Arrested for simply standing up for their beliefs, not harming anyone in the process.

Daunte Wright is only one of many other innocent black deaths in America at the hands of government agents.

His death did not go unnoticed. With protests sprouting around the country, the resignation of Kim Potter, family, friends, and strangers set up donation funds and bail funds for protestors. A GoFundMe was created by his family to pay for his memorial. More than 930,000 dollars have been raised so far in honor of Daunte and his family.

Daunte was a son, a father, a boyfriend, and an innocent American citizen. How many more black lives will be lost at the hands of police before America realizes that enough is enough?

Do whatever you can to help this epidemic of innocent murders in America, donate, protest, sign petitions. Anything helps.