JICHS Band Earns Superior Rating

Timothy Bulson, Staff Writer

Every Year the JICHS Band Participates in the South Carolina Band Directors Association’s (SCBDA) Concert Performance Assessment.

The past three years in a row, our band has earned the highest level possible, Superior With Distinction.

The assessment consists of two parts–the prepared performance and the sight reading.

The JICHS band would typically prepare three pieces: a warm-up march, a fast, technical piece, and a slow, melodic piece.

The band would have between 3-4 months to prepare these pieces for the assessment.

Then the band would move on to sight reading, where the ensemble would be given a new piece of music we had never seen before and attempt to learn it in 5 minutes. This would demonstrate our ability to work collaboratively and retain information and follow the conductor.

However, with the pandemic, changes have been made this year.

There will not be an official assessment. Merely a review and feedback will be provided.

Our performance also will not be in person this year. Instead we have made recordings of our selections and sent them to the Band Directors Association for review.

We also will not be doing the sight reading portion of the event this year, as it is not for a grade. Because we recorded this year, we had all the time we needed to warm-up and therefore, did not prepare a warm-up march

Watch the JICHS Band Performance of “Double Happiness” by Joseph Curalie and “With Quiet Courage” by Larry Daehn on the Youtube Link below.