Combating Quarantine Boredom

Caleb Temples, Staff Writer

With many social places closed and nothing much to do at home, it’s hard to find anything fun to do anymore. But in reality, there are tons of things you could do to cure that boredom of yours. All of these things can be done by yourself, with friends, or with your family, of course following CDC guidelines.

One of the more popular options, of course, is going to Folly Beach. You can’t go wrong with taking a walk on the beach and dipping your toes into the cold saltwater and soaking up all the sun’s rays.

Something very underrated to do is going to James Island County Park and having a blast. They have tons of activities for adults and children of all ages, such as kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, biking, frisbee golf, and so much more that you can do in their open fields.

Going on hikes and seeing wildlife is an awesome way to spend your time outside. A couple of hiking trails to mention are Caw Caw County Park, Edisto Nature Trail, and the Awendaw Passage. It’s the perfect way to get away from everything that’s going on and enjoy nature.

If you’re not much of an outside person there’s still plenty of things that you could do inside.

Investing in a game console is a perfect way to avoid being bored at home. You can play almost any game you want with almost anybody in the World, there’s endless amounts of fun. Just be careful not to get addicted and only stay inside and play it.

Be creative and make something you’ve always wanted to make, whether it being a new garden outside, a desk, something to go on your wall, etc. You can go to your local hardware store and let your mind run wild.

The last thing on this list is going on a trip. If you’re up for it and willing to take the risks, then traveling is the coolest way to cure a case of boredom. Going to a different state or even a different country has so much for you to do and so many places to explore, provided the COVID restrictions will allow your visit.

If I were you, I’d do one if not all of these things whenever possible. Stay safe.