Take A Look at Trident’s Apprenticeship Program


JICHS students sign apprenticeship contracts with companies where they will work.

Max Lindenberg, Staff Writer

There are many opportunities when it comes to careers after high school. For those who don’t want to attend a four-year college, a great alternative is a trade school, where many kids who like working on cars or with electronics can earn a degree in these areas.

A great trade school alternative in our local area is the Trident Technical College Apprenticeship Program. Over the years many JICHS graduates have applied and been accepted to this program.

Through the program, companies offer certain jobs for you to explore to see if they interest you. These include jobs in HVAC, welding, boilermaker, mechanics, and more. Some of the highest paying trade jobs available are elevator mechanics, dental hygienists, and electricians.

The wages are based on how hard you work and whether you are serious with your work. They are also based on patience, if you cannot sit there and learn, then you won’t be successful in your trade. You have to be ready to see if a career interests you and if it does, you have to lock it in and be committed to excelling in your trade.

For those interested in attending trade school, you must first research and explore what field you would like to work in. After you select a field you like, you can apply to a program like the one offered at Trident or you can go directly to work. Many companies in trade fields will offer you an apprenticeship where you learn the job.

For all those who are interested in going into the trade field of work you can contact your guidance counselor about the Trident Technical College Apprenticeship Program to help you get started.

Graham Lindenberg, a former JICHS student currently enrolled in the program, said, “It is hard to decide what you want to do in life, and when I figured out that I didn’t want to go to college, becoming a diesel mechanic was my passion.”

Choosing a career is a big decision, but having access to programs like the one offered at Trident can make that decision so much easier.