JI Students Share Their Favorite TV Shows


Senior Marvin Matthews

Arnett Ravenel, Staff Writer

Senior Zion Richardson
It feels like we all have that one TV show that we can relate to in so many ways. Whether it’s because we can relate to the characters or plot, sometimes a TV show just feels like so much more.

I took it upon myself to survey students here at James Island to see what shows they feel this connection with. I wanted to learn how these shows make them feel and why they felt this way.

A school mate of mine, senior Mya Washington said she loves iCarly. Mya said,“It’s a very funny show, I like how they all preview different personalities. I even know their theme song word for word”.

Another JI student senior Zion Richardson said, “My favorite show is The Office. They’re just one big office family that’s so involved with each other’s lives inside and outside of work plus they do confessionals.”

Another Trojan Alyssa Price said her favorite show is Empire. She said, “They give us a good glimpse at what the music industry is like on the inside and how family and feelings could get in the way easily. The emotions just feel so real.”

Senior Willow Mirise said her favorite show is Shameless, because “it is entertaining and funny.”

My last classmate I surveyed was senior Marvin Matthews, who said his favorite show is Dragonball Z. He said, “The reason for that is because I grew up watching it and got so into it that I feel like I’m actually in the show. The fighting scenes are honestly unmatched to other shows.”

All of those that I surveyed felt a different kind of connection to their favorite show. This really goes to show how and why we relate to our favorite shows.