Is Coming to School Four Days A Week too Risky?

Caleb Temples, Staff Writer

In February 2021, an email was sent out to all parents of students who go to James Island High School.

In the email was a survey about whether we should come to school four days a week in the Spring 2021 semester instead of the two days we currently attend.

The main problem with this is the amount of students that can be in a classroom safely at one time.

DHEC guidelines say that desks must be 6 feet apart in all classrooms to help prevent the virus from spreading. But, if plexiglass dividers are in use it goes down to 3 feet apart, which will then increase the amount of students in a single classroom.

By doing this, many are afraid that going to school 4 days a week can cause the Coronavirus to spread even faster among students due to more contact.

Ms. Olds, the nurse here at JICHS, said it’s a difficult task keeping up with all the students that come in there but with the new schedule, even more will be coming in there.

A high school in Greenville, SC, has been going to school 4 days a week since the start of 2021. Greenville County Schools are using plexiglass dividers but still maintain a 6 foot distance between each desk for extra precautions.

If a student was in contact with another student with the virus, they would then have to quarantine at home for up to 14 days. If a teacher has Covid then they as well have to stay home and do virtual class.

A vaccine is being given out to the teachers and staff on March 16.