Top 10 Nicolas Cage Movies of All Time


Lawton Bevon, Staff Writer

Even among the most talented actors to grace the screen—Carl Weathers, Lucy Lawless, Harrison Ford—Nicolas Cage stands out as a performer unmatched in skill.

Today, he remains second to none (except for, maybe, Denzel Washington). In this list, I’ve ranked Cage’s top 10 films.

10. The Wicker Man (2005): This movie is fairly decent. It is about a policeman (Cage) being kidnapped and tortured with bees. Memorable quote: “I’m a policeman.”

9. G-Force (2009): This movie is okay. It is about talking gerbils saving the world with the help of a talking mole (Cage) named Speckles. Memorable quote: “I’m a mole.”

8. Ghost Rider (2007): This movie is pretty good. It is about a motorcycle skeleton man (Cage) with a flaming skull saving the world. Memorable quote: “I’m the Ghost Rider.”

7. Valley Girl (1983): This movie is marvelous. It is about a bad boy (Cage) from the wrong side of town who falls for a babyface girl from the Valley. Memorable quote: “Hello, I’m a bad boy from the wrong side of town.”

6. Lord of War (2005): This movie is Godly. It is about an arms dealer (Cage) marrying a hot supermodel and hanging out with murderous dictators. Memorable quote: “What if I have AIDS?”

5. National Treasure (2004): This movie is spectacular. It is about a guy (Cage) stealing the Declaration of Independence in order to unearth fabled gold. Memorable quote: “I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence.”

4. Gone in 60 Seconds (2000): This movie is incredible. It is about a guy (Cage) and his crew stealing fifty cars in one night. Memorable quote: “I just stole fifty cars in one night!”

3. The Rock (1996): This movie is amazing. I did not pay too much attention to the plot, but it is amazing. Nicolas Cage plays a government chemist alongside Sean Connery in an epic quest to disarm a chemical weapons threat on Alcatraz. Memorable quote: “Yeah, the feet thing.”

2. Con Air (1997): This movie is fantastic. It is about an unfairly convicted veteran (Cage) risking his life once more to save a prison transport plane that has been skyjacked by his fellow inmates. Mayhem ensues. Memorable quote: “Don’t. Treat. Women. Like. That.”

1. Face/Off (1997): This movie is awesome. It is about John Travolta switching faces with Nicolas Cage. Cage plays Castor Troy, the bad guy. He also plays Sean Archer, the good guy, after switching faces with John Travolta. “Yes. His face – off!”