JI Boys Soccer Team Shuts Down Activities


Will Shealy, Editor-in-Chief

James Island’s boys soccer team has been forced to shut down activities and partake in a two week quarantine, after three of the team’s coaches contracted Covid-19. Fortunately none of the players contracted the virus, but the team will still have to cease all activities.

The quarantine began on March 2, just days after the team finished playing in the Bryan Ostrower High School Soccer Showcase. This tournament marked the beginning of the season as the team played their first real games.

The Trojans came out of the showcase with a record of 1-1-1. They won a match against South Pointe High School by a score of 2-0. They also tied in a match against Fort Mill with a score of 0-0. Finally, the Trojans did drop one game to Northwestern High School by a score of 3-1.

After warming up with this tournament the Trojans seemed ready to take on the 2021 season. Now they will have to try and regain their momentum after missing two weeks of practice and games. I spoke with team captain Grant Smith to gain further insight into this hiatus.

When asked how players are staying ready individually Grant said, “We are required to do some type of fitness everyday whether it be an interval run or long distance. Also, we have body weight workouts that are expected to be completed. Finally, we are expected to do technical training everyday”

He also gave some insight into how the hiatus will affect the team long term. He said, “Because of Covid, we were not able to have a preseason. As a result, we are already behind. I think we have been improving every day in the short time we have been together as a team. Even though we have had to quarantine, everyone is continuing to get better. This is just a little bump in the road that we will have to get over before the start of region play.”

The team is set to return to practice on Sunday, March 13th and will play in their first region game on Friday, March 26th. With only a week of practice to recover from two weeks off, the team will have to work hard to regain their momentum. Only time will tell just how much this hiatus will affect them in the long run.