A Year of COVID


Senior Elizabeth Jimenez

Max Lindenburg

It’s been almost a full year since our lives changed drastically. On March 13, 2020, our school was shut down because of a global pandemic.

To help halt the spread of Coronavirus, everyone has been advised to social distance, wear masks, and not congregate in groups. Unfortunately, many people do the opposite and try to live life like it was before the pandemic.

We are quickly heading towards summer, which means kids in colleges and high schools will be out and about. It’s hard to predict what will happen when colleges and high schools let kids out for summer.

It’s likely that the number of people who are exposed will increase dramatically, but one might argue that letting students out for summer is safer. Warmer weather will allow us to be outside and students will not be congregating inside of classrooms or dorms.

March 13, 2021, will mark a year since students were sent home because of the COVID threat. Over this last year, every James Island student has been affected by this shutdown in one way or another.

A 2020 JICHS graduate, Graham Lindenberg, said, “Since I was a senior, I never got a final normal farewell from JICHS.” Graham did attend the graduation on the football field, but said, “It wasn’t how I expected I would end my senior year.”

COVID has had an impact on this year’s seniors as well. For one thing, there were no pep rallies and, most likely, there will be no prom.

Senior Elizabeth Jimenez said, “Though this isn’t the senior year we expected, all I can do is be proud of what we’ve accomplished. We are who we are today because of the life lessons we’ve experienced.”

Despite this past year, some state of normalcy was restored when the JICHS school board voted to approve an optional four-day school week at the end of February. Beginning March 1, the students who have been wanting this option since last semester were able to come to school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

With more kids in school there will be some changes to the school’s safety precautions for COVID-19 as social distancing will go from six to three feet. Since March 1, 125 more students are attending school four days a week, and that number will continue to grow throughout the remainder of the school year.

As more students are in the school and there is less distance between them, we will have to be more careful than ever to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within JICHS.