New COVID-19 Vaccine Approved


Photo courtesy of The Guardian.

Izabella Alvarez, Staff Writer

An analysis released by the US Food and Drug Administration declared that Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine for Covid-19 has officially met the requirements to be used in emergent situations.

After analysis the FDA has found that the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 single-dose vaccine after 28 days is 66.1% effective in preventing moderate to severe virus disease, and after 14 days is 66.9% in preventing virus disease.

Through the company’s clinical study, they found that after giving the vaccine to 44,000 patients in different locations, there were seven Covid-related deaths among the patients who received a placebo and none for people who received the actual vaccine.

Analysis has also said, “There were no specific safety concerns identified in subgroup analyses by age, race, ethnicity, medical comorbidities, or prior SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

The FDA has stated in a briefing document, that they have reviewed the data found in all studies and have determined that this vaccine is “consistent with the recommendations set forth in FDA’s guidance Emergency Use Authorization for Vaccine to Prevent COVID-19.”

On Friday, February 26, the FDA approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for commercial use. This new vaccine rollout began over the weekend, starting off with around 4 million doses. This is the third vaccine that the FDA has approved to be distributed nationwide.

Now that another vaccine has been approved more groups are being confirmed to get the current vaccine that is being distributed.

Back in December, the SCDHEC put out an announcement confirming the dates and phases for how the vaccine would be distributed. The current phase taking place, 1A, gives vaccination access to all healthcare workers, LTCF residents and staff members, admitted hospital patients who are 65+, South Carolina citizens who are 65+, and state/local government employees are approved to get both doses of the vaccine.

The next phase, 1B, will begin in early spring. Once this phase begins frontline essential workers will be approved to get the vaccine, this means JICHS teachers and staff will be able to get in line for their vaccination.

“With the distribution of the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine, hopefully, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon,” said JI English teacher Ms. Susan Burgess.

The SCDHEC website has not specified what they consider to be early spring.