COVID Cancels Prom Again


Boxes of decorations from canceled Prom 2020 sit in the music room.

Santasia Alston, Staff Writer

Prom 2021 is not happening.

Due to the circumstances of COVID-19, prom has been cancelled yet again.
This is sad news for the Class of 2021 because their junior prom was cancelled as well. Many of the seniors of 2021 were expecting it, and weren’t really that disappointed because they saw it coming.

“It’s sad that there wasn’t even a choice to go or not and that classic highschool prom experience got taken away from us. On the other hand I’m glad that we are not creating a COVID risk by holding a prom,” said senior Maggie Gardner.

Senior Maggie Gardner

“I’m sad that I’m missing one of the biggest nights of highschool life, but understanding because I would rather be safe and healthy,” senior Arianna Williams stated.
Senior Arianna Williams

Senior Omari Jenkins said, “ I think it’s crazy that we don’t have prom because some of us never got to experience it, and we will never get back to normal if we cancel things because of COVID.”

JICHS has already lost a lot of money due to the cancellation of prom 2020. We currently have 500 party favors collecting dust for the prom last year that we didn’t get to use. “It really breaks my heart that I can’t provide what students want for their senior year,” Music Teacher and Prom Board Director Mrs. Quinn stated.

Mrs. Quinn and the JICHS administrative staff tried hard to figure out how prom could occur, but when it came down to it they decided it was just not safe. “Every time we have a new idea, it comes back to the same wall. We are thrown through a loop,” said Mrs. Quinn.

Due to the Gaillard Auditorium’s new COVID guidelines, there was just no possible way to throw a prom this year. The new guidelines consist of a max of 250 people and no dancing (so not a prom).

Organizers are currently still trying to find an event to replace the prom but every new idea faces the same challenge, which is having too many people gathered in one place and trying to ensure everyone’s safety.

Decorative candle votives from cancelled Prom 2020