Riots at U.S. Capitol Mark Start of 2021

Smith Miller, Staff Writer

One of the worst years in modern history is finally over, and it doesn’t look like we’re starting this new one off very well.

On January 6, an angry mob incited by President Donald Trump raided the U.S. Capitol building. Claiming “election fraud,” they seemingly wanted revenge.

Members of the mob included white supremacists, followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory, and disgruntled Republicans who felt Trump was cheated out of a second term.

The rioters stormed through the building, causing damage, stealing items including the Speaker of the House’s lectern, and leaving five people dead, including a police officer who was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher.

Junior Katelyn Thompson said, “I think it should’ve been handled differently, but at the same time if Liberals can riot, Republicans should be able to as well.”

I understand the anger of the conservative party entirely, but we need to peacefully protest, and not cause mass destruction on federal buildings. We need to be more mature about the way we handle issues. The only thing that aggressive rioting does is create a bigger problem rather than helping the problem at hand.

Junior Bella Snyder said, “Honestly, I think that the Capitol raid was planned. The Capitol has pretty much the best security of anywhere in America, and for that many people to get in, there’s no way it wasn’t planned out in advance.”

At this point, supporters of President Trump need to stop rioting, and accept the outcome of the election. There is nothing anyone can do now about who won the election. It was up to the voters, and their results are clear.

Rioting is never the answer to problems. There are way better alternatives than rebelling against our own government. Peaceful protesting is one thing, but those who invaded the Capitol on Jan. 6 were not peaceful and should be punished accordingly.