Class of 2021 Senior All-Stars Named


Katie Beebe, Staff Writer

Fifteen seniors from the class of 2021 were chosen as senior all-stars. The senior all-stars this year are Julia Beebe, Katie Beebe, Chris Bright, Amelia Carson, India Crawford, Elliot DuPree, Kai Evans, Andrew Farrell, Margaret Gardener, Hudson Graham, Camp Hagood, Andrew Pennington, William Shealy, Yuria Sloane, and Anna Stafford.
Everyone will have their own picture and poster displayed in the hallway. Congratulations to all of the senior all-stars.
Additionally, there is a date set for the class of 2021’s graduation. A graduation ceremony for this year’s seniors is planned to be held on Friday, June 18, 2021. The ceremony will be held on the football field.
In a little more than half a year, this year’s group of seniors will prepare to move on with their lives after high school. Graduation officially closes the door on high school, and opens a new one for future plans.
Graduation is a good time to celebrate your past accomplishments, and of course receiving your high school diploma is important too.