Trojans Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

Payton Beckley, Staff Writer

At the start of every new year, everyone gets excited to start trying new things, being more productive, working on their physical and mental health, and just a new start.

It is an excuse to “reinvent” yourself and work on things that you have wanted to do for a while but never got around to.

New year’s resolutions this year might look a little different than most years because of CoronaVirus.

If you are attempting to focus on your physical health, it could be difficult to go to the gym so many people have to result to at-home workouts. I asked students what their new year’s resolutions were and these are the responses.

Ashley Atwater, a senior said, “ This year I hope to drink more water, work out and take more time for myself.” When asked how she was going to keep up with her goals she said she was going to write how well she did each week and just not give up.

Another senior, Elizabeth Jimenez, wants to focus more on being patient with others and working on loving herself. While doing this she will be focusing on her mental health and creating a better mindset for herself. She said she is going to achieve her goals by “having better eating habits, exercising more, practicing waiting on things and letting everything go with the flow.”

Senior Emory Naylor said his new year’s resolutions are to appreciate himself more and do his own thing. Emory also wants to work on self love. He says these goals are important to him because it’s really easy to forget these things, and he needs to pay more attention to himself.

“I want to spread more positivity and want to stop judging people off of first impressions and what I hear about them.” This is senior Schuyler Caporossi’s new year’s resolution. She wants to keep up with these goals because she wants to get rid of a lot of negative energy in her life and form her own opinions on people.

India Wiemann is a junior and her resolution is to stop biting her nails as her nervous habit. She wants to stop doing this because she doesn’t like the way it looks when she is in the act of doing it, and she also doesn’t like the way her nails look after the fact.

“Not biting my nails might be hard in the beginning especially when I’m nervous, but it will make me feel better and I hope it helps with my anxiety as well,” India said.

Most people’s new year’s resolutions this year were about changing something about themselves and bettering themselves or being more positive.

Usually, every year people come up with resolutions that include going on diets and working out. But, I think a lot of people this year really learned from being at home all the time that it isn’t always about your physical appearance. It is also about your mind and taking care of it.

Being in quarantine definitely helped everyone focus on themselves more and realize that they need to take better care of themselves. That’s why I think everyone’s resolutions revolve around the idea of better mental health and bettering yourself.