Photography Classes Focus on Pandemic


Katie Beebe, Staff Writer

Typically, all high school students have classes that they are required to take, such as courses under the subjects of math, English, and history. There is a great variety of classes at our school that are not required to be taken, but are still available to be taken by students. Photography is a particularly interesting class worth mentioning.

The photography classes at JICHS have been working with a wide array of concepts as photo inspiration. This semester, some of the concepts the Photography 1 class has used as subject matters are portrait, color, light, motion, night and landscape.

The Photography 2 class has covered portrait, color and abstract. Students are able to take Photography 2 after they complete the Photography 1 class.

The Photography 1 class has recently focused on capturing the pandemic through their images. Portraying the pandemic through the art of photography is a concept that is definitely unique to this year.

The photography students take pictures on their own, either at home, school, or anywhere they find something that can fit into their subject matters. They later edit their images to adjust certain aspects.

When speaking on taking images that portray the pandemic, sophomore Patrick Beebe said, “It feels like I’m just photographing my life.”

For their pandemic subject matter, students took pictures of objects and scenes that represent the pandemic in everyday life.

Patrick said he shot “classrooms, lunch tables and signs across the school” for his portfolio of the pandemic.

Referring to an image for his pandemic portfolio, Patrick said, “This photo taken shows a teacher spraying down the desk after kids have left the class. Life has changed a lot, affecting how we do everyday things.”

Senior Sarah Price took this self-portrait for her photography class.