A Coronavirus Thanksgiving


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Thanksgiving message with pumpkins on a blue background

Aniya Singleton, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is one of the most heartwarming holidays. It’s a special time where families get together one time a year to celebrate togetherness. On this day, people come together to eat delicious meals and say what they are thankful for. 

Every year thousands of meals are donated to people in need and since Covid – 19 includes social distancing so that may be tricky this year. Personally, I think the virus won’t stop people from going to food banks to pick food up but I feel it will stop families from coming together. 

Junior Halaana White and a couple of my other friends have plans for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Halaana believes her plans for the thanksgiving will work. Since the coronavirus is still going on her only plans are to go shopping for black Friday deals early. Halaana doesn’t want to get caught up in stores because it’s probably going to be super crowded because of the amazing deals.

On the other hand, Junior Imani Singletons’ plans for Thanksgiving are corrupted a bit. Her family gets together to have a nice big Thanksgiving dinner but this year this can’t happen. Her family isn’t able to travel much due to the virus. She states, “ Yes corona impacted my plans, my family can’t enjoy each other’s company and it’s upsetting.”

Lastly, Junior Jomori Hicks decided she’s going out of town regardless of the coronavirus. She won’t let a virus stop her from enjoying quality time with her family. Even though it may be risky to travel she promised herself she would take outstanding care of herself by following safety precautions. 

Despite all the drama, everyone loves a good home-cooked meal. Thanksgiving is a glorious day for those who work out because that is our only cheat day. 

The hope for this year’s Thanksgiving is that people will be able to travel freely without the fear of catching the virus but we can’t be too sure. We the people just need to remember to be cautious of sanitizing and wearing a mask to protect ourselves and others. 

As long as we keep up with these precautions this will be a successful thanksgiving for all families over the United States.