COVID Brings Lots of Changes


Mary Brabham, Staff Writer

Wearing a mask can be so uncomfortable!

I started going to school in person on October 15, 2020 which was basically the first day of my junior year. I go to school in person on Thursdays and Fridays, and I do virtual school on Mondays and Tuesdays, then Wednesdays are half days, which we do virtual learning until 11:45. 

Everyday that you come into school there are things required before going completely into the building.

You have to wear a mask and your student ID. You have to stand in front of an Ipad that scans your face and takes your temperature and if it says SUCCESS, you can come into the building, if it doesn’t SUCCESS you are not allowed to come to school until you get tested. 

During classes which are 90 minutes long, you have to wear a mask the entire time, on top of that all of the desks are spaced 6 feet apart.

We used to only have one lunch with over 1,500 kids and it was an hour long.

Ever since COVID came around, not only did they split all of the kids up to where half of the students come on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the other half come on Thursdays and Fridays, They made it to where we have three different lunches. 

When your lunch starts you have the option to sit inside at the tables and you are only allowed to have 2 kids per table and you can take your mask off, or you can sit outside at tables where they have clear dividers up and you’re able to take your mask off.  

When the bell rings, for you to switch classes, there are arrows that you have to follow in the hallways. 

I don’t know why we have to wear masks on top of being 6 feet apart in the classrooms, because when the bell rings and it’s time for all kids to switch classes, we are inches apart and kids are bumping into each other. 

In my opinion I feel like this virus has been blown way out of control, and people are making it a way bigger deal than it actually is.

The reason I say this is because my mom is a pediatric dentist, and some friends of ours that happen to go to her dentist, went to go get a COVID test when they were doing them for free. They had to fill things out to get the test, but they also had to wait in a long line.

During their wait, something came up and they had to leave, so they never actually got the test. 1 to 2 weeks later, they got letters in the mail saying that they all tested positive for COVID.