New Year Online Brings New Challenges


Mary Brabham, Staff Writer

Starting school online with teachers you have never met before can be very challenging! My experience with online school was not the best. 

Taking higher level courses online can be extremely difficult, when you’re not learning in person.  

I feel that teachers and students were very new to having to teach/learn online, therefore the kids weren’t the only ones struggling with learning. Learning online put a lot of pressure on me, every time that I thought I was caught up with all of my assignments, I wasn’t. Not only did it put stress on me, it also put stress on my family. 

I would never choose to do online school, because of my experience that I had during COVID 19.  Throughout my years in high school I never struggled with schooling until my Junior year (11th grade), doing online. 

I was always the kid to wake up early in the morning around 6 am, to get ready for school, because I couldn’t wait to get to school. Online schooling changed that for me, I wake up at 7:30 am, and I dread going to school. 

Going to school 2 times a week on Thursdays and Fridays are completely different, due to the fact that they have split up all the kids that go to the same school as me and half of them go on Monday and Tuesday. Every Wednesday we all learn virtually until 11:35, then we are done with school for the day. 

I can’t wait for school to go back to normal, to where we go to school 5 times a week. I have never wanted things to go back to normal so bad. 

I understand that we are only doing this for all of our safety, but if you think about it all of the sports teams were practicing and playing games before we even started back with school. 

I used to always love to learn new things and get taught different things, but doing online school has really changed my outlook on learning!