Cool Apps to Keep You Occupied


During a global pandemic you may find it hard to keep yourself entertained.

Currently, the world is suffering from an outbreak of the CoronaVirus (Covid-9).

Due to Covid, hundreds of stores, malls, schools, and restaurants have closed or have limited hours.

Earlier in the pandemic, millions worldwide had to stay home. Sometimes staying home isn’t a choice everyone would willingly choose. 

Thanks to some creative people in this universe we have a thing called social media.

There are apps such as Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumbler, Snapchat, Instagram and more to keep us entertained. When you get bored you switch from one app to another. 

Here at James Island Charter, students have an a lot more freedom due to Covid -19. 

Junior Halaana Simpson has two favorite apps she uses most, Youtube and Tiktok.

Halaana said, “Youtube helps me stay occupied because the influencers keep me laughing and entertained.” Tiktok on the other hand, helps her learn how to dance and to make cool snacks.

Senior Davion Hooks loves to stay on the app Tiktok. Davion is a beast at Tiktok dances. He dominates every dance he gets.

Davion said, “Tiktok is mad, funny, and interesting.”

This app is a sanctuary so boredom doesn’t get the best of us. If you’re lucky enough to gain a lot of followers you can also become “Tiktok famous.” 

On the other hand, Senior Ariana Williams likes a different choice of apps. She enjoys Restaurant Story, Bakery Story and Pinterest.

These applications occupy her everyday. Her favorite app is Pinterest.

On Pinterest, you can browse through a lot of cool edits, thousands of different photos, of just about anything you can imagine.

Ari stated, “I would recommend everyone to download it, you can use it to have cool wallpapers to keep your phone up to style.”

Without these apps we would be terribly bored. Based on the students’ opinions, Tiktok is super popular.

There are many different things and topics to view on Tiktok. This pandemic is crazy, but Tiktok and other apps are also crazy and entertaining.