Life is Better with a Companion


Bliss Lavelle, Staff Writer

Coronavirus has wrecked our daily routines and schedules, which leaves us with so much free time that it make us feel uneasy and anxious.

To help alleviate these feelings, I recommend getting a pet. Having a furry friend to help you through these uncertain times is the best solution and here’s why.

Owning any type of pet is good for the heart. Pets help reduce stress and anxiety and prevent loneliness. 

Having a pet promotes exercise and gives you the motivation to get up everyday and get the day started instead of laying in bed. Animals needs to be cared for and fed and taken outside to use the bathroom. 

Picking the right pet for you is important because it all depends on how much maintenance you (and your parents) can HONESTLY handle.

Dogs are somewhat high maintenance while cats are usually pretty independent yet still need some assistance when young.

A hamster is very low maintenance and takes up little space and yet still provide a lot of companionship and make its owner very happy.

Some reptiles are fairly low maintenance as well if you are interested in a scaly friend rather a furry one.

Making sure you are truly responsible and ready to take care of any pet is very important. Not only is your pet a responsibility, it is also a life that needs to be taken care of seriously and lovingly.

Before you acquire any animal, please consider adopting from one of the local shelters.