Students Return to School


Miles Christy, Staff Writer

After nearly six months away from school, September 21, 2020, marked the first day back for students. Returning to school is typically hard, but under these strange circumstances many students were excited to return. 

Senior Belal Touma said, “I’m really glad to be back and able to see a lot of my favorite teachers and friends. I hope everybody is safe during this COVID time and hope we will be able to stay in school second semester, too.”

The school is split into two groups, the orange and the blue. The orange team comes in on Mondays and Tuesdays while the blue team comes in on Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesdays are an online half day for everyone. 

Personally, I am not a productive online learner so I am somewhat happy about coming back. I do think that some teachers don’t understand that online school is very tough for some students. This causes the workload to be very inconsistent and vary from teacher to teacher. 

Senior Jake Radin said, “The first day back to school was weird and I was mad thirsty. And after awhile, the mask begins to rub against my ears.”

Overall, I think students are glad to be back in school, and I think that some students really struggled with online learning because it is hard to stay focused when working from home.

Senior Sumter Holst said he wished that he could come to school every day students are on campus. Sumter said, “I tried to talk to my administrator to see if I could come into school on orange and blue days, but they said no.”

At this point there is nothing much we can do to change COVID regulations, so I guess we’ll just have to adapt and get used to wearing a mask and washing our hands because it is really our only option in order to keep school in session.