Students Thoughts on Online Schooling


Payton Beckley, Staff Writer

Starting the school year off online has been a very challenging and different time for students, parents, and teachers.

Many students only thrive in a school environment and need structure to be able to succeed in school. Most parents are off at work and students are faced with the responsibility of making themselves get up and stay up for all of their classes considering all of the distractions they have at home.

This time is also very difficult for the senior class because they are missing out on some of their best memories because they have to stay home for school.

When interviewing students I found out the struggles they face while doing online schooling, if they enjoy doing their school online, and other important factors that play a role in how well they do in online school. 

Holden Silverman, a senior, enjoys online school but would rather be spending his time in school with his friends and teachers. When asked about his biggest struggle with school he said, “My biggest struggle with online school is staying focused during my classes.¨

Holden wakes up at 7:30 in the morning for school and doesn’t have trouble getting up because he wakes up early every morning. He does all of his schoolwork and zoom calls in his dad’s office, but when he wants to be more relaxed he goes to his room.

¨One thing I do enjoy about online school, is that I don’t have to drive to school in the mornings and am able to be more laid back in my home,¨ Holden said.

Olivia Budak, a sophomore, enjoys online school because she gets to watch Netflix and hangout with her friends in between classes and has a lot less stressful days. She wakes up at 8:00 and does her school work at her desk.

One thing Olivia struggles with is being focused throughout the day because she is alone and has no one to get on her about doing her work. 

Susan Judy is a senior as well and strongly dislikes doing school online. The thing that she struggles the most with is her internet connection and communicating with teachers.

Susan is at home with her pets and boyfriend and her motivation to do her school work is that she is very close to being done with high school and does it to get it over with.

Although she does enjoy being home with her pets, Susan wishes to be in school for the structure and less distractions from being at home. 

Tanner Beckley is a sophomore and enjoys doing online school as well.

To make sure he is alert for school, Tanner wakes up around 8 in the morning and makes himself breakfast and stays at the kitchen table all day so he can’t go to his room and get distracted.

When Tanner was asked what his biggest struggle was he said, “My biggest struggle is teaching myself and not having in person instruction from my teacher.”

Tanner sometimes gets help from his older sister if he doesn’t understand. He also said, “I enjoy online school because I have the freedom to do it from wherever and  it is more laid back and I know if we were actually in school we would have very limited things we could do and would have to stay in one place.”

Overall, the students have mixed emotions about doing school from home. Many miss seeing their friends and being social but enjoy having a laid back day at home with less restrictions.

I believe that everyone is ready to get back to school and go back to everyday life with the necessary safety precautions.