Student Opinions of Online School


Senior Ryan Wissel reads in the courtyard at one of the tables with dividers.

Smith Miller, Staff Writer

With the pandemic being around since March, students have been in online school for quite some time now. So, how have they been enjoying their time in school online versus being in school in person?

Junior Bella Snyder said, “It’s okay, but I would rather be in person. It’s difficult to learn online.” 

As a visual and more of an in-person learner, I can relate. I personally find online classes to be a little bit easier logistically, because you can just wake up and “go to class” instead of having to drive to school. 

That’s probably why so many students chose to take classes online through the JICHS Virtual Academy rather than physically come back to school. 

Senior Elliot Glass said, “It’s a lot easier than being in school.”  

Over the time of being in online schools, my grades have stayed at a steady course throughout it, but I see where this is coming from.

Those students who chose to return to school came back in person on October 12 using a hybrid schedule. 

Students attending class in person are divided into two groups–orange and blue–and alternate coming to school. Students in the orange group come on Mondays and Tuesdays, while students in the blue group attend on Thursdays and Fridays. 

The adjustment from completely online schooling to the hybrid schedule has been somewhat of a difficult adjustment for many, myself included. 

Junior Zola Rucker said, “It’s good to be back in person and it’s easier.”

Many students, however, have opted to attend the JICHS Virtual Academy, and continue learning remotely for the remainder of the semester or year.