Somewhat Shaky Start to Cyber School


Tray Taylor, Staff Writer

Online school has gotten off to a somewhat shaky start this year. With the new Canvas learning system, many of our students have been facing quite a few issues. 

These issues range from just technology problems in general to the learning curves that are inevitable with any new system.

The glitches seemingly began a few weeks before school started and have continued to present time. Some have been handled, others have not.

One Trojan, sophomore Olivia Mignano, told me about some of the teachers not being used to the new system and the problems that come with it; such as not knowing assignment due dates, their teachers saying that they will not be able to do anything about it for the time being, or just the minor inconvenience that can last some time. She informed me that, “it makes assignments confusing.” 

Another student, sophomore Emilia Villas-Boas, stated how she was unable to access her email for such a long period of time and that it took a long period of time to get it fixed. She said, “After six calls, they finally did something.”

The final student I spoke to, sophomore Kaylee Walker, said,” Yeah my **** just starts glitching out of nowhere, it’s really annoying.” She spoke about how even with the assistance of the school, some of her technical issues took awhile to be fixed.

The new system along with the refreshment of our CCSD accounts put together equated to us having a rough start that has been stressful on all of us, students, teachers, and staff alike.