Online School: Check in on Your Mental Health Afterwards


Katie Beebe, Staff Writer

As we complete the fifth week of online school, differences between attending school in-person everyday and completing school online are becoming apparent.

Students are feeling the effects of sitting in front of a computer for several consecutive hours of the day. Many students report feeling tired and unmotivated. Spending a lot of time in front of a computer can be detrimental to an individual’s overall health, particularly their mental health. 

Currently, students are missing a crucial aspect of what school used to provide- socialization and interpersonal communication. Being in school by yourself at home, can cause feelings of isolation. 

Stress, anxiety, disappointment, and loneliness can all be factors in your mental health. Maybe you have assignments piling up, are struggling to grasp class material, or are unexpectedly receiving bad grades. After turning the computer off, it is time to check in on your mental health. 

Becoming immersed in your school assignments, while staring at a screen, can have negative effects on your mental health. Taking a break, even if you have a lot of work to do, can help you remain calm, while increasing your efficiency of work. 

If you are experiencing a noticeable difference in your ability to focus or find yourself constantly frustrated or overwhelmed with school, finding a coping mechanism for stress can be beneficial. 

Senior Sarah Price finds online school stressful but also takes time to relax. She says, “Online school can get pretty stressful for me, the way I cope with it is pushing myself to work harder because in the long run it will work out. Something that I enjoy doing that helps me relax is taking my dogs on a walk”. 

Strategies include doing something you find relaxing or enjoyable when not working. Eliminating distractions can increase your ability to focus, causing you to get more done and feel less stressed. 

In addition to feeling overwhelmed, online school has students feeling unmotivated. Feeling motivated can make students better at managing their time. Not everyone is great at managing their time though.     

Following the same routine everyday can provide structure. Structure will help you feel more organized. Setting smaller goals will make you feel like you have something achievable to work towards. 

Most people would probably agree that continuously using your phone can be damaging to your mental health. Not only are they distracting, but the content we look at on them is probably not useful at the time of school. Turning your phone off when you are trying to get something done will make you feel more engaged in the assignment you are doing.

Excessive use of your phone can also add to your stress. Often, when we look at our phones, we lose track of time. Leaving your phone behind more often can help you get more done. 

While completings all school assignments on time and studying for tests are important, taking care of yourself mentally is important as well. Self-care is important to not become exhausted and consumed with one particular thing, in this case school.    

Overall, leading a life with unneeded stress is hard to maintain. Finding ways to relieve stress now, can help you to become successful in the future.