Spring Sports Teams Begin Workouts

Grant Smith, Staff Writer

Spring sports teams were able to start workout together as teams in the weight room starting September 21.  

This is very important to the success of the season for all teams.  

Senior soccer player Aidan Worthington said, “It is a really great feeling being able to go lift again to prepare for the upcoming season.” 

For the spring sports, it is especially pleasing to be back since last season was cut short.  But because of COVID-19, there will be some strict guidelines that each team will be required to follow to maintain social distancing.  

According to Senior soccer player Grayson Pedone, “We have two people to a rack. We are required to keep our masks on at all times and to stay in our designated area. Also, we wipe down all the equipment in between each set.”

Senior baseball player Solomon Stullenberger said that he and his teammates “socially distance ourselves by only having one person per rack, and when we spot, we have to be on the outsides of the bar.” 

With all these guidelines in place, the teams hope to keep everyone safe from COVID-19 during the fall semester in the weight room as they prepare for the upcoming season.