Virtual Lunches to the Rescue


Aniya Singleton, Staff Writer

Pandemics can be life-changing or life shattering. Due to COVID-19, this pandemic is life-changing. People need to wear masks outside, sanitize frequently, and keep the 6 feet apart. Adults can adapt pretty well in these sorts of conditions. A child on the other hand cannot.

Back in March, COVID-19 shut schools down all over America. Dozens of students were homebound. Soon they were forbidden to enter their schools. Sometimes this restriction made life a bit difficult.

Now that school has resumed, students all across America have online zoom or Google meets classes. In addition to that we have virtual lunch.

In school during lunch, we usually hang out with our friends in our secret areas and enjoy ourselves. 

One of the advantages to being in virtual school is that we now have more freedom and flexibility during lunch.

A few of our amazing JICHS students expressed their thoughts on what virtual lunch means for them. For some, it was a great time to catch up on sleep and for others it was all about the food choices.

Senior Peyton Honeycutt said she browses on her phone and goes out to eat Chick-fil-A! Chick-fil-A is a popular food choice at James Island Charter. She also stated, “If we had Chick-fil-A at the school I would never get tired of eating it!”

Senior Laura Flores said she likes to spend her lunch time watching Criminal Minds and eating pizza rolls. That’s an amazing duo.

Relaxing instead sleeping is a better approach for some. Senior Lanae Turner said, “I like to catch up on work if needed or just scroll through my phone.” 

She also said she enjoys swiping through Snapchat, Instagram and Tiktok, a super popular app. All of those apps help ease her mind off of school, so she can enjoy her lunch. 

Senior Ahman Walker, on the other hand, sleeps. He likes to get cozy in his bed and catch some Z’s. He doesn’t always go to sleep early at night so during the day, sleep is his sanctuary.

Junior Imani Singleton enjoys sleeping as well. She frequently watches some tv also. 

Senior Margaret Barfield loves to take naps and eat. She said she likes to get a good meal to fill her stomach. She also enjoys getting out of her house and driving around to get some fresh air.
On the other hand, Senior Emory Naylor likes to do his homework, so he doesn’t have to do it later in the day.  

In conclusion, most students like to eat or sleep during their virtual lunches. Though we do enjoy our lunches while we’re at school, we do have more options when we’re not.

When we are home, it’s a free world. We can most likely take naps at school but we wouldn’t be as comfortable. For now virtual lunches are going just fine.