Bringing New Energy to the JICHS Swim Team


Katie Beebe, Staff Writer

This fall, for the first time ever, the JICHS swim team entered a new season with all-new coaches. They are collectively working hard to ensure that both teams will have a great first season with them.

The new group of coaches has considerable passion for the sport of swimming. All three of them have much knowledge to offer to the James Island swim team. 

The head coach of the boys team, Coach Keith Corbeil said, “I wanted to put what I have learned from being an understudy of great coaches at the D2, D3, and USA Swim club levels that we have shared from being on deck with elite student-athletes” when responding to being asked why he decided to coach. 

The girls’ coaches have a strong background in swimming as well. 

Coach Arthur from the girls team started swimming on a year-round team when she was 8 years old and continues to swim on a Master’s team today. 

The girls team head coach, Coach Josh Stroble, started swimming at the age of 5 and continued his career at the College of Charleston. 

Coaching high school was a change of pace for Coach Josh, who stated that, “The decision to coach high school was tough and initially I was politely going to say no.” He currently holds a coaching position at one of the year-round teams in the Charleston area.  

With JICHS athletics moving down to division AAAA this school year, our competitors have changed. Our competitions include a state meet against teams more relative to the JICHS swim team’s size. 

When asked about his specific goals for the team this season, Coach Josh responded, “I would like half, 10 girls, to get state cuts. I want to finish top 5 as a girls team.” Mid-way through the season, it looks like the girls team is on track to meet their goal. 

Not only are the new coaches very engaged in the process leading up to championship meets, but they have provided the swimmers with a great outlet of enthusiasm at practice. 

Coach Keith said, “I really enjoy ‘Monster Monday’ when I get to look across the pool in practice, and all the student-athletes are working hard to get better”. 

Coach Arthur is excited about improvements in the water as well. When asked about anything that has surprised her this season, her response was, “I’ve been surprised by how much the girls push themselves at practice and at the meets. It’s been a pleasant surprise to see how much they want to meet their goals and how hard they will work to get there!”

In addition to working hard in the water, a significant part of swimming is stroke technique. The swimmers have seen an extensive effort by the coaches to help everyone individually improve their technique this season. 

Senior Savannah Hudson said, “The new coaches have gone out of their way to help each swimmer focus on and improve their stroke. I have noticed a dramatic difference in the efficiency of my stroke. Additionally, I have achieved the fastest times of my swimming career.” 

All sports teams have been affected by Covid, and as expected, it is relevant to the biggest challenges the swim team has been dealing with this season. The team has struggled to put together a set schedule, not only because of our geographic location, but also social distancing rules at meets. 

Coach Arthur says, “This year has been challenging with the restrictions put in place by COVID. The season was cut short and there will be meets that the parents will not be allowed to attend due to social distancing requirements. But this is not going to keep us from having the best year.” 

Coach Josh took initiative in setting up meets but found it challenging. He says, “It has been hard for us to find meets and lock down a consistent schedule. We have reached out to numerous teams and either received no response, or would flat out tell us no. Those that wrote back told us that their meets were full or inviting us would put them over the max number of people allowed in a facility.” 

Although finding additional meets to compete at has been a challenge for the swim team, we are still able to compete at the two championship meets, region and state. While some swimmers were disappointed in the limited opportunities to compete this year, most can agree they are grateful to have a season at all, and are having a great time working with the new group of coaches.