The Dress Code Should be Obsolete

Lucy Dixon, Editor-in-Chief

Dress code has always been a controversial issue at school. Schools claim that the dress code prevents distractions and keeps school professional, but the dress code always seems to target women.

In past years, people have been dress-coded for short shorts, stomach showing, and spaghetti straps, but the addition of masks to the dress code have caused the dynamic of the dress code to change.

For the first time, the dress code contains something that does not mostly apply to women. The majority of students are not following the mask mandate, and it is not being enforced.

According to a CCSD teacher, teachers are not able to enforce masks, but if that is the case the dress code should be treated the same way.

The reasoning behind the dress code relating to short shorts and midriff is implemented to not distract male students, which is nothing more than an excuse for misogyny, and creates a victim blaming complex within the school.

On the other hand, masks have been mandated due to a public safety issue. A crop top could at worst cause someone to not focus on geometry while a student could come to school and spread Covid, and potentially kill or seriously harm someone.
Because of masks not being enforced, you would think that the dress code would not be either, but this is not the case.

An anonymous student shared that she was dress coded on August 25 for wearing a tank top in almost 90 degree weather. “I was in the library and one of the librarians told me to cover my shoulders because I was out of dress code. My friend was standing right next to me and he wasn’t wearing a mask, and she didn’t say anything to him,” she said.

She and many other students have been pulled out of class, degraded and sexualized, and had to pause their learning because they were accused of distracting other people. This gives off the idea that a man’s education is more important than a woman’s.

Masks are not required in many schools because it is the parents’ choice whether or not the student follows the mandate. Why isn’t the dress code treated in the same manner?

On the upside, Principal Thorn has expressed that he wishes to change the dress code as well. The Student Council will be forming a committee to hopefully change the sexist dress code. The committee will include students, parents, and teachers.

This blatant sexism needs to stop. Either enforce every aspect of the dress code or don’t enforce it at all.