The Gay Straight Coalition Plans for Great Year


Jessie Schuttenberg, Staff Writer

The Gay-Straight Coalition is a club at JICHS where people of all sexualities can meet up and discuss various topics regarding the queer community.

The president of the club, Junior Isa Webster, said a few of the club’s activities for the 2021-2022 school year will involve social, volunteer and service activities.

The club meets each week on Thursdays during lunch in room 220, and according to Isa, there are other optional after-school activities being planned as well.

“I want this year to be full of art,” said Isa. “I know many wonderful queer artists that go to our school, and I’d love to showcase their work in any possible way we can.”

“In my freshman year, there was a creative writing magazine and club that I submitted work for,” Isa continued. “I’d love for our group to submit pieces on our unique queer experiences. We deserve to be heard, and I want everyone to have that opportunity.”

The club is a safe space for anyone who wants a place to feel secure and supported. It is open to anyone as long as they are willing to learn and be respectful.

A few goals of the club are to make a name for itself by helping out with volunteer work and social services at school and around the community.

“I have spent years dreaming of a place where I can feel safe and included at my school,” said Isa. “From my experience with participating in clubs at JICHS, the biggest issue they run into is running out of steam. People begin going to clubs just to chit chat and they lose sight of their mission. Although I want a very friendly club, I also have many fun activities designed to last so we never lose sight of our goals.”

The club plans to hold fundraisers to raise money to donate to such organizations as the Alliance for Full Acceptance (AFFA) and The Trevor Project. They also plan a variety of activities to build awareness and comradery.

“Club discussions, movie nights, and arts and crafts are very exciting to me,” said Isa. “I would love meetings where we could take chalk and draw around the school. Additionally, tie-dye or baking events would be fun moral/team-building exercises.”