Devious Licks


Max Lindenburg, Staff Writer

There is a trend going on all over the world called “devious licks.” It involves students recording themselves stealing or vandalizing school property and posting it on social media.

Recently, JICHS became somewhat famous on the app TikTok because of students posting “devious licks” of them vandalizing our school.

One video of a student tearing down an Exit sign from the hallway ceiling gained more than 18 million views before it was taken down.

Multiple other videos of JI kids taking toilet paper holders were posted gaining popularity as well. Most of the students engaging in this behavior appeared to be sophomores.

Many JI students were upset with the underclassmen, including Savannah Godefroy, a senior, Savannah said, “It is a shame that we are in high school and can’t behave ourselves at school.”

An email from Principal Thorn was distributed to parents, students and staff on Friday, September 10 that stated any student caught vandalizing the school “will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.”

As a result of the vandalism, the school’s administration closed several of the student bathrooms in the building.

According to the e-mail sent out by Principal Thorn: “We have taken measures to prevent this unwanted behavior and have additional officers on campus today for a visual presence.”

The school also went to two lunches, limiting the number of students at lunch at once. The two-lunch schedule was implemented for two days.

Many students felt this punished the entire student body for the actions of a few. Per Mr. Thorn’s email: “We are not trying to punish the vast majority of students (99%) who are doing the right thing, behaving like young adults.”

Many of the posts on social media were either anonymous or edited all the videos taken and combined clips into one video with music playing in the background.

The “devious licks” at JICHS included such behavior as taking urinals, sinks, soap dispensers, and toilet paper, according to the videos posted online.

Hopefully, students realize that actions such as these have consequences and those consequences will be devastating.