The Fight for Afghanistan


Annabelle Lockridge, Staff Writer

The Taliban invaded Afghanistan on August 15, 2021. Many Afghans attempted to try and get out of the troubled country. Two men even passed away trying to cling onto an American Aircraft, thinking that it would stop.

This significant moment in history hit the news fast. People mourned for those who lost their lives, anger and blame spread, and social media was used to spread the word of the injustice.

In these situations, people rush to experts to find out what’s going on. Here is what JICHS’s JROTC teacher, Retired Colonel Scott Remington had to say: “The military pulled out too soon. Decisions were made based upon a calendar time table rather than objectives.”

When asked what could have gone better with the withdrawal of the troops he said, “Objectives, goals. Getting the Americans and those Afghans that work with us, that we promised visas to, that we would get them first and not with artificial calendar deadlines that were done for optics, for political reasons. The military should have been the very last to pull out after we made good on getting our Americans out and those Afghans that we promised to get out.”

We promised to get Afghans out, but we failed. This situation does not only affect Afghanistan.

Since the army pulled out too soon, our military may be perceived as unreliable to other countries. This hurts America when we are looking for allies. Other countries may not trust American forces anymore.

Immigrants from Afghanistan are going to evacuate and flee to other countries. Countries worldwide have to figure out where they stand and how to deal with the effects of the takeover.

The question now is, “what happens next?” So many Afghans are still trapped in Afghanistan. They need help, but whether they will get any is unknown.

Now that the damage has been done what will happen? What should happen? Retired Colonel Remington had this to say: “I fear we’re going to be back again. Your generation.” “My fear is, it’s going to be a magnitude of order greater now that they have not only the control over Afghanistan, but everything in Afghanistan.”

“There’s commentary about it being a forever war. Well, the war against terrorism is going to be forever as long as there’s terrorism. You can’t put a time limit on it. The world has changed.”

The views of the Taliban are the same, this means that their actions will not change.
Terrorism will continue on forever. Anger will continue on forever. Violence will continue on forever.

There was no hope that the military was going to “fix” Afghanistan, but the withdrawal of the troops has led to many setbacks.

The US can no longer keep an eye on the terrorist groups or keep the Afghans safe.
The next question is, what is predicted to happen in the near future with the Taliban, American troops, and everyone involved?

The Taliban have to keep the people of Afghanistan alive because they are the ones controlling the city now. Most people do not think that they will stay peaceful like they have claimed to be.

There was already a bombing attack in Kabul. It sadly killed 60 Afghans and 13 US troops.

There are so many people at fault that blame is not the answer. The issue at hand is keeping American troops and innocent Afghans safe. So many are currently suffering under Taliban rule that blame will only create more hate.

So many soldiers and civilians around the world have been killed due to terrorism and the Taliban. People can donate to reliable organizations such as the IRC or volunteer to help out Afghans that have made it to America. Many may be struggling to settle into a new country. The best thing to do is be educated. Find dependable sources to get informed on subjects like these.

The general hope is for no more soldiers to be killed. For no more Afghans to be oppressed. For no more lives to be lost.